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The Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." – Phil Jackson


The team


Director and Family Consultant

Claire Burgess

Claire always wanted to be a Nanny, from the moment she got her very first toy pram! At the age of 13 she went for an interview at Norland College; still too young to enrol, she did all she could to gain experience with children before officially being accepted to start at Norland in 1998 – her dream had come true!

After she qualified, Claire went on to work as a nanny and in private nurseries. During this time she was able to gain extensive experience working with children and their families and had opportunities to travel all over the world, including USA, UAE and Europe, talking about her favourite topic…children!  Claire has written and delivered corporate training in early years (for example to Etihad Airlines) and in 2014 won the Nursery World Award for Trainer of the Year. In 2008 Claire returned to Norland to work as an education lecturer and most recently was Head of Research, Consultancy and Training prior to leaving to set up Bespoke Family in August 2018. 

Claire has written for various publications including EYE, Mother and Baby and Smallish magazines and is an honorary consultant and volunteer for Tamba (The Twins and Multiple Births Association). Claire continues to nanny and work with children so that her skills are current and to ensure that her training and advice is practical and relevant.  She undertakes regular continuing professional development activities on topics such as sleep, bereavement, routines, feeding etc.


Early Years expert

Claire is an Early Years expert. She can talk / comment on many topics in this area including:

  • Nannying

  • Nursery care 

  • Parenting

  • Children and food / sleep / behaviour / parental stress / childhood bereavement and just about anything to do with children and families…!



Director and Business Manager

Rebekah Frankcom

Rebekah went to the University of Staffordshire where she studied business and marketing.  Her first employer after university was The Royal Bank of Scotland where she worked in various marketing roles, ultimately as a Marketing Communications Manager.

In 2002 Rebekah went to work for Norland College as their Marketing Manager.  Her most recent position at the college was as Head of External Communications, Agency and Alumni, with responsibility for marketing, PR, the college alumni and the Norland Agency (Norland’s in house nanny recruitment agency). She left Norland in September 2018 after 16 years.

Throughout her career, Rebekah has always been passionate about ensuring that clients and families receive the very best quality of service at all times, and this is something she will continue to deliver at Bespoke Family. 

Rebekah is a Twinline Listener for Tamba and has twins herself.



We were all babies once…!

Claire Burgess

Claire Burgess

Rebekah Frankcom

Rebekah Frankcom